Published - August 9th, 2018

Why Not All Dental Care Costs The Same

Some people are surprised to find out that dental procedures don't cost the same across the board. Wondering why the root canal cost at your new dentist is so much lower than your previous office's price? Did grandma move a couple to Florida and calls you up shocked about the cost for dentures? Millennials are especially experiencing issues with affording the dentist, as only around 30% of them report having a yearly dentist visit. In fact, young adults are three times more likely than kids to lack proper dental care because of finances. Are they missing something? There are a few tangible reasons why pricing differs.

Your Zip Code

If you're living in the ritzy parts of Los Angeles, your dental care is generally going to be more expensive than in a modest suburb in Nebraska, right? If you're going to a dentist in a "nicer" or pricier zip code, expect their prices to be a bit higher to match. It's not necessarily indicative of the office's quality, it could simply mean that rent is a bit higher and their clients are a little wealthier.

Your Dentist's Level of Education and Reputation

If a dentist has a glowing reputation within the community, their prices may reflect that. On top of that, if a dentist has other specialties such as oral surgery or orthodontics, their prices may be steeper to reflect their wider expertise and range of services.

The Lab Your Dentist Employs

If your teeth need additions like crowns, bridges, dentures, or braces, then your dentist is likely using the aid of a dental lab to map and create these man-made dental implants. Dental labs vary greatly in cost for your dentist to hire their services. If they're using state-of-the-art equipment, that premium could be passed on to you as the patient.

Individual Circumstances

Remember that not all cases are the same. If you need a tooth extraction that's fairly simple, it may cost less than a very messy tooth extraction involving anesthesia and an infected tooth, for example. Cost for dentures can change depending on the size of the mouth or shape of the dentures.

So how can you smartly find an affordable dentist in your area? Find a dentist whose offerings don't go beyond your immediate needs in a modest neighborhood, for starters. Want a little more help? Try using a trusty comparison service like Dental Genie to ensure that you're getting the best deal possible.

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